Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Viva La Veggies

Our family, ok -- it's really just my husband and I, are committed to healthy family eating. One goal that I have is to eat a minimum of 4 servings of veggies a day. And, salty corn out of a can does not count. : ) As a former junk food junkie, this has been a challenge. However, it is amazing how much energy I feel when I am eathing right. Oh, and I have also dropped 40 pounds so far. ; )

Here are some principles that have really helped us:

1) Get a simple vegetarian cookbook and use the ideas to make vegetarian lunches. Recipes like Brown Rice Salad can be made the night before! Barnes and Noble and Borders have these types of books in the sale aisles all the time; that's where I picked up mine.

2) Instead of potatoes or white rice with dinner, make a second veggie. For us, that often means one cooked veggie and one raw one. For example, cooked carrots with raw broccoli or mashed cauliflower with raw baby carrots. For men or teens, add a slice or two of flaxseed or whole wheat bread.

3) Make a rule that snacks will include a raw fruit or raw veggie and have these readily available. I love to keep a beautiful fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. Cheese, nuts or low-fat popcorn are optional.

4) Every time you leave the house, pack a cooler of food. Bring water, fruit, low fat cheese sticks, baby carrots, almonds, and other healthy snacks. This will prevent you and the kids from getting over hungry and stopping by the McYuck Drive Thru.

5) Get the junk food out of the house. Your kids don't need it, and neither do you. When your kids' palates are used to high salt and heavy sugar, it will take a few weeks to acquire a taste for clean, fresh foods. Persevere -- instead of following your children in their bad habits by enabling them, lead them toward better choices. This is going to take time if you are a junk food junkie like I was.

Eating more fresh fruits and veggies will lay down a foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits for your children and your grandchildren. We can serve the Lord better with healthy, strong bodies than with frail, tired ones!


Stacy said...

Great tips, Tami!! Get the junk food out of the house...There lies the key! I've been working towards healthier eating habits for my family too. It's been a challenge, though. Your post is a great reminder. Thanks! P.S. I'm back from my bloggy break and posted again this morning. I'll visit your blog again later to read your nature study post. Glad you're back from your bloggy break too!
Stacy :-)

Tina said...

There are some wonderful tips here, Tami. I am printing this off.

40 lbs? Man you don't look like you need loose anything, let alone 40 lbs. How long did it take you to loose this weight?

I am not a diet type person at all. But I am all for eating healthier. :)

LOL about "McYuck"! :)


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

I have been eating healthier and healthier over the past 2 years. I am SO not a diet person either. You know what happens after The Diet is over!!! I am still carrying quite a bit of body fat, (15 extra pounds?) but I do have a lean muscle or two underneath!

I do like resources with practical helps. Love, love, love Oxygen magazine and Clean Eating magazine. Definitely not diets, but practical tools to get fit and healthy.

Have a great week-end!

: )

my5wolfcubs said...

Wonderful ideas! I've been trying to do the two veggie thing -- I almost always serve cut up fresh veggies at every dinner. But I've been trying to serve a cooked one too (mixed success) least we've got the raw veggies down!
PS Fresh picked sweet corn eaten raw is delicious. :)