Wednesday, May 07, 2008

(Not) Monday Menu Plan

Wednesday: Mega-Layered Chef Salad
Thursday: Honey Mustard Skillet Chicken
Friday: Grilled Ginger Flounder
Saturday: Seared Chicken on Spinach
Sunday: Crock Chops
Monday: Orange-Glazed Beef

For breakfast, snacks and lunches, I am following my own "Healthy Lunch" ideas and "Eat Clean" principles.
Thank you, Katherine at Cornerstone Classical, for the the "Eat Clean" blog review! You can download a free 7 week Clean Eating menu HERE. I have also ordered a free issue of the magazine and can't wait until it arrives. Apparently it has menus and SHOPPING LISTS! This program closely follows what I have been doing on my own for the past couple of years. However, I have begun to slip a bit in the junk food and exercise areas and want to get back on track. It was inspiring and I think it will work well for me! For more info, click HERE and go to 'Clean Eating?'

For rainy days when I can't walk outside and for strength training, I ordered Billy Blank's Boot Camp DVD series. I love his original Tae Bo workouts, and hope the addition of the resistance bands will be good strength training. He is a motivating instructor and keeps me going! For another at-home strength training schedule with video how-to's, try the Bikini Workout.

What are your health and fitness goals this spring? Remember, "If it is to be, it is up to ME!"


Stacy said...

Eat clean looks great! I'm bookmarking it to check out later. Gotta run! Back later to read your other entry. You're blogging a lot these days...Yah!!
Stacy :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey There!

I'm glad you are eating clean with me! I like your workout regimen! To answer your question...I would get the Eat Clean Diet Book. The reason being that is a good intro book that covers all the information. Since you are going to be getting the magazine it will be all the recipes and then some. So I don't see a need for the cookbook. And the other is for workout info which it sounds like your on track with that. If you grow to like the Clean Diet book and the magazine then I would get the other books if you wanted to start a collection of all of the "set" of books just for fun!

Have a good week and and I sent my encouragement to you to eat clean and exericise!
Love In Christ,