Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From Our Nature Notebook

Miss M sketched this chickadee yesterday. I think she did a beautiful job! : ) We are studying backyard birds and have had quite a few chickadees at our feeder. Miss M read that they supposedly are easy to coax into feeding from your hand, and she is going to try just that! The Handbook of Nature Study confirms that these friendly birds are easy to tame.

She also read about the habits and lives of the common backyard robin yesterday. We have not seen any robin's nests in our backyard this year as we have in past years, though. Did you know that a hungry baby robin must be fed every ten minutes by his busy parents?

For more information and an observation lesson on chickadees, see Handbook of Nature Study pages 68-69.


Anonymous said...

Now dats just real rightly purty, I tell ya! LOL! Great job! She's a little artist!

LisaWA said...

Thats is pretty! I just saw your post on the WTM and had to come right over! Very well done! Ms M has a gift!

Thanks for sharing Tami!


Tina said...

Wonderful job, Ms. M!

And what a wonderful start your off to. :o)


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!
Karen aka Testimony