Friday, May 02, 2008

Nature Studies

We have decided to try nature study a
t our house featuring a very successful activity: crafts. To this end, I am picking out materials for a few projects in the book Nature Smart and correlating them with Nature Friend magazine for the May 2008 issue. I just received my first copy of the magazine, and it looks fabulous! Nature Smart looks like fun spine for the summer; part nature study and part arts/crafts. I hope it will be a hit for us.

This is my initial correlation of Nature Friend and
Nature Smart for May:

Week 1: Birds
"The Dipper Bird" (
Nature Friend) p. 4-5
Bird Calling: "Kissing and Spishing for Birds" (
Nature Smart) p. 27
"Pictures and Poems: Birds" (
Nature Friend) p. 6
Craft: Paper Mache Bird (
Nature Smart) p. 369-370

Week 2: Birds
"May Nature Trails: Bluebirds" (
Nature Friend) p. 10
"Fuzzy's Rescue" (
Nature Friend) p. 20
Drawing: "You Can Draw....a Pier" (
Nature Friend) p 14-15
Craft: Bird Drinking Fountain (
Nature Smart) p. 22-23

Week 3: Worms & Butterflies
"In the Beginning God Created Earthworms" (Nature Friend) p. 12-13
Activity: Create a Wormery (Nature Smart p. 167-168)
Activity: Make a Butterfly Hatchery (Nature Smart) p. 29-30 - order caterpillars from Earth's Birthday Project

Week 4: Flowers

Identify, photograph, and press several backyard spring flowers and leaves for use in projects.
Craft: Wild Flower Candles (Nature Smart) p 162
Craft: Pressed Flower Note Cards (Nature Smart) p 163-164

I am feeling a little guilty about skipping out on a more traditional Nature Study approach, but I think a crafty approach will be a hit at our house. Hopefully we will round out our studies with lots of nature hikes, books I have on my shelf, field guides, and library books.

I'll try to post when we complete our first project, so check back!


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I just read your comment. You are such a nut, girl! LOL! That's for the schedule tip. Hey, I just ordered this mag. I stealing ideas from you! You da man! Oh, I mean, you da wo-man! Ha!

Stacy said...

How fun! I think I'll check into that magazine! Can't wait to see your first craft.
Stacy :-)

Tina said...

Wow! Now I want that magazine and that book! And I want to live by you!!! :o)

Don't worry about not doing the more traditional approach; what you're doing is wonderful. Kids seem to learn more by those hands on activities. But I don't need to tell you that. You already know.

We have made wild flower candles before. Those make wonderful homemade gifts.

Can't wait to see how it goes for you guys.