Sunday, September 30, 2007

Unschooling Japan Week

After 6 weeks of structured 'school' it's time for an "Unschooling Week!" This week I want to get some serious decluttering and organizing done. Since the feeling may pass soon, I better take advantage of it! : ) I DO need to keep Miss M busy, but also don't want to have to supervise her very much this week. She actually does best if she has things to do during the day and knows what to expect! : )

One thing that has worked for us is in this situation is Modified Child-Directed Learning. I first learned about this method several years ago HERE. It's great for times when you are busy, burned out, or need a new spark in your homeschool. I find it mixes things up a bit for Miss M, and frees me to get other things done during morning hours. A win-win!

Here are Miss M's requirements this week:

DIRECTIONS - Between the hours of 8:30 and 12:30, you will be doing something from this list. Only the green boxes are required. Write times you work on each subject in the box, along with what you did. For example, under "Phy-ed" write "Tae Bo video - 11:00-11:30." You may work and organize your day in any order you wish.

See my record/planner document for this week HERE or download as a PDF

So, why a "Japan" focus? We are currently doing a modified Sonlight Year 5 (Weeks 7-9 are focused on Japan), using resources we have on hand and books picked up from the library. Miss M will likely sprinkle in some ideas from Funschooling's Japan Unit.
You could easily do something similiar with YOUR next history topic! Or, don't choose a topic at all, and just go with a basket full of great literature, activity, art, and science books.

I hope we will have a productive and fun week!


Tina said...

Sounds like a GREAT plan.

I need a week off like this to get some things done around here too! I may pick up your idea.


Rhonda said...

We've done unschooling days before, but never a whole week. I'll be looking more closely into this when we get closer to Christmas. That's always a time school tends to go out the window because of all I have to do.

I hope y'all have a great week and you get a lot of decluttering and organizing done. :)

LisaWA said...

Ahhh... this is what we did for much of last week.... although, we still had our TOG study.... we only focused on History and lit all week... math a few days... grammar a few..... it was light and much needed....

The girls completely redid their room... made homemade pizza... and things like that all week.

It was a nice change.... we were at week 6 too... heading into week 7 a bit refreshed!

I love the picture of the woman. Have a great week....

Oh and thank you for praying for my son!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tami,
I hope your week of organizing goes well. I'll be back on the WTM boards soon. Our homeschool is progressing nicely, but the organizing was a bust! I still have high hopes, which is why I haven't visited the boards yet. I'm trying to use all the extra time I get to do something productive around the house...Plus our computer crashed last month and was out of commission for quite a few weeks. I hope Miss M is enjoying her unschooling this week. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog.
StacyTea :-)

carrielouise said...

wow, some great ideas. I'm definitely going to try that list! Thanks so much.