Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 10 In Review

Welcome to our homeschool week in pictures!

"Mammals" class at the Nature Center.
Enjoying literature book
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Mixing Sourdough.

Our very first sourdough loaf. Has a nice crumb - flavor is good and sour. Success!

Weekly Picture study - "Mona Lisa"

Poster colored with oil pastels.

Writing assignment from our Nutrition/Digestive System unit: an informational brochure on a digestive problem.

Science demo: blender represents the stomach and the water added represents gastric juices. Chopped green beans represent food ground and chopped by the teeth -- mix them together and....BLEND!

What do you get? Chyme. MMMmmmm! Next stop - small intestine.

Digestive model - trachea with epiglottis flap. Esophagus on the bottom.

Digestive model - pic #2 - Quart of saliva (amount adults make daily) attached to "mouth." Trachea ends in lungs represented by 2 balloons.

Notebook page #1

Notebook page #2

We had a scienc-ey week! It was a nice change of pace from Sonlight. All of the model directions and notebook pages are from BJU Science 4. We pretty much followed the lessons exactly as laid out in the teacher's manual. There is an opening activity to stimulate interest, a reading, discussion questions, and sometimes a second activity or experiment. Love, love, love BJU science!

Thanks for stopping by! Next week's topic: China.


Rhonda said...

I really like the notebook pages Miss M made (mammals and lactose intolerance). What program did she use? How long would you say it took her to make them?

You are always adding such variety to your days. I'm sure it really keeps things fresh around your home.

Your DD constantly amazes me. She is very accomplished. :)


Robin said...

I can just smell the bread from the picture. Sounds like a great and productive week.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Des said...

Hi, Tami I just love reading your blog and seeing all the things Miss M gets done in a week. I hope you don't mind, but i'm going to have my DS do portions of you digestive unit study when we get to the human body in his Biology book.

Tina said...

Wow! Another fun week at your house! Miss M's picture turned out lovely!

Your hands-on science looks like so much fun too! I love seeing what fun things you do at your house each week.



Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Miss M is so blessed to have such a fun science teacher!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, btw!

Kerri said...

Your week looks great! The bread looks yummy and what a great idea for the digestive track. I'll have to remember that.

Way Out in the Desert

Anonymous said...

the gastric juice looks yummy