Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 9 In Review

I decided to feature some things we are using for Language Arts, since I don't tend to post about LA much. We use Christian Light Language Arts as our base, and it is working really well for us. It is a lot like Rod and Staff, only in a workbook form with built-in review. I included a sample lesson. Each day begins with a new skill and practice on it. Next the "We Remember" section has review of all material covered previously. Practice is the key to retention! A penmanship (usually Scripture or poetry copywork and handwriting tips) and spelling section follow. It really streamlines the day to have so many LA components in one place. I like that CLE is a solid, traditional program that teaches diagramming, without an overwhelming number of problems. To round out our LA, we use throw in some Drawn Into the Heart of Reading for literary elements and character traits discussion, and a bit of BJU writing.

Integrating reading, character traits, a mini-report, and art, our main topic this week was "Korea." For Science, we learned and did experiments about Newton's Third Law and went to a co-op class using microscopes. In Composition, we are working on a book review. No field trips this week. : )

I took a few pictures, but I apologize because they didn't come out very well.

How was YOUR week?


LisaWA said...

The pictures were fine! Love the Turkeys! Are they wild or do they belong to someone close by?

We have a lot of pheasant and even a peacock in our neighborhood woods!

DITHAR... I have looked atthat a few times this year.... What holds me back is we have TOG. Since we are moving a bit slower in our work load, Chris will use a little LL from the 19th century to help her along. Maybe a few from the 8th grade books as well. Still following the selections in TOG but with a slower pace.

I alsways enjoy your posts! Great week girls!


Quiver0f10 said...

CLE sounds great! Is the speling part of the CLE or a seperate program?


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the peak into your LA. That is the subject I question the most in our schooling. Sigh...


Tina said...

Another great week at your house. Thanks for sharing.

I love that copybook journal! I so want one like that. :o)


my5wolfcubs said...

Thanks for sharing more on CLE -- I definitely need something new next semester for LA. And DITHOR looks good too!

Did Miss M make the copybook?


Michelle said...

I like the drawings in your slideshow. The turkeys are great also! Thanks for sharing.