Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 8: Hot Mamas in Japanese Art

"Is that sort of like a hot mama, but in Japan?" asks Miss M thoughtfully.

While doing our Japanese picture studies this week, the art book pointed out how the artists of the "Floating World" genre painted the idealized feminine Japanese form of the period -- tall, graceful and demure, but TOUGH. See the "Strong Woman" picture. Miss M remembered the "Se*y Mama" t-shirt one of the characters wore in the movie "R.V." and thought a similar title would be perfect for this week's notebook page. Hmmm. I think she's got the idea. : ) Sometimes, when you are homeschooling tweens, you just have to go with it and remember not to take anything too seriously!

In keeping with my personal commitment to SHORTEN my Weekly Report this week, I'll leave our Week in Review mostly to the slide show.

Hot Mamas of Japanese Art notebook page - what no Classical educator should leave out of their curriculum plan!

So, for Week 9, we look forward to either the final week of our Japan study, or maybe moving on to the topic of Korea. We'll see.

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Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Konnichi wa! What a great week. "Hot mammas" Ha!

LisaWA said...

We love tales of a Korean grandmother! Its from our SL days! Year 6 I think...

Please tell Ms M. She is very good at scrap booking her pages! I always enjoy reviewing your weeks!


LH said...

ooh, nice slideshow.
I have got to get around to taking pictures. Yours are so pretty though! I liked them (my pics are mundane)

I subscribe to your blog wiht bloglines so i don't miss your Report next week. Nice to see another Big Kid in the Weekly Report.

Tina said...

Tami, you are one amazing gal! I enjoy seeing what you do.

Your dd is amazing too!

Thanks so much for being an inspiration to others. :o)


TrainingHearts said...

Thanks for sharing your Homeschool Weekly Report! I love reading all of these and gleaning information and ideas from others.

My Weekly Report is up:

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Rhonda said...

Kids are so funny!

Great notebook page. Your DD has a good eye for design.

I love Jolee's, too, but had never thought of them for notebooking. What a good idea.


Tammy said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Miss M's scrapbook page is fabulous & so is your slideshow. What an inspiration you both are!!!


my5wolfcubs said...

She caught a wild horse without even putting her laundry down? Now that is a woman!!
Loved the page!