Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our 2006-7 Curriculum Choices

4th Grade

Math-U-See Delta

Christian Light Sonrise English Grade 4 (All inclusive program includes grammar with sentence diagramming, spelling, punctuation, usage, penmanship) Click here: Christian Light Samples

Daily Memory Work

Rod and Staff Bible followed by Discover 4 Yourself Series Boy, Have I Got Problems: Book of James by Precept Ministries

mix of Bob Jones science kits, Janice Van Cleave books, and Adventure In Science Kits (3-8) kits

Ambleside Online - read-alouds, poetry, fine arts

Elementary Spanish At Home at United Streaming

United Streaming subscription for enriching science, history, and health videos
Everything worked out pretty well this year, so we're stickin' to it! My favorite find was United Streaming. Love, love, love the Spanish program! Dd loves watching the enrichment videos -- and they help stimulate interest in history and science. Check out united streaming video -- the first month is free!


Heather said...

Hi Tami! I came to your blog via the Truth Quest Yahoo Group emails. Thank you so much for taking the time to include what you have here ... it is very helpful!



Linda in NM said...

Really enjoyed your blog (came from the WTM boards), but I'm having trouble downloading the AHYS II and III schedules...could you help?


Linda in NM

Tami, new blogger said...

Hi Linda!

With File Crunch it takes a few minutes for the file to load. Then, you scroll down to the large "Download" button and right click to save to your computer.