Thursday, March 22, 2007

HOT Resource -- Hands-On History: Civil War

In Praise of Projects

We have always been fans of projects, field trips, and any other legitimate reason to put aside the books for a while. Over the years, we have found that projects are the memory-makers and motivators. When our darling daughter talks about her memories of a topic, she almost always brings up something she made. "Remember when we made the sugar cube pyramids or the illuminated manuscripts?" Projects serve to cement ideas and facts in our minds, while giving an outlet for creativity.

Today's project is making a fold-out "Road to the Civil War" timeline. Below, she is planning the project layout. I was impressed that she decided to get out a ruler for accuracy.

Next, she is drawing the rough outline of the "road" and "stops" along the way. This project combines handwriting, research, drawing, history, and design. Gotta love the way projects can streamline subjects!

We are still working on this project as I write. I'll try to add a pic of the finished project when it's done, which may not be today. The weather is so warm, we plan to take a walk at a nearby duckpond. We'll see how far we get.

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Joy Lang said...

I like those projects.