Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Showed Up For
My Own Life

I saw Sarah Groves at the 2006 Hearts at Home Conference. Expecting light entertainment, I was shocked by what Sarah shared. While she could have just sung a few songs and left us "happy," she chose to relay the reality of human suffering that she saw first hand last year. This talented woman is choosing to respond to human tragedy in the world and teaching others to do the same. She showed a video clip of a film that documents her relief work: Sara Groves : Nomad: Just Showed Up For My Own Life DVD by Nomad. She shares her inspiring story of moving from a fearful, complacent suburban mom to a woman of purpose and action. I highly recommend her DVD for a jolt of reality. It is so easy to bury our heads in the sand, but Sarath and others are leading the fight to raise awareness and show real compassion for the world's oppressed. She is involved with an organization called International Justice Mission and IJM is one of many great places you can go to begin to educate yourself. Please visit International Justice Mission today!

In our homeschool, we have made a family project out of raising awareness about worldwide human and child slavery. I was horrified to learn that there are 27 million people in bondage around the world -- and half of them are women and children. Human trafficking is on the rise! Trafficking in human beings may soon bring in more revenue for organized crime than illegal drugs. Did you let that hit you? When we look the other way, we are part of the PROBLEM. Take a few minutes right now and watch this video:

So, what can we do to help end the sale of human beings? Here are some ideas from The Amazing Change

Ten Things You Can Do

  • Sign the Petition. Become an abolitionist by signing The Petition to End Modern Day Slavery. Click Here To Print a Petition. Take the petition to your school, church, family, friends, et al., and then send it to us (mailing address provided on petition)
  • See Amazing Grace. This film is a great introduction to the work of William Wilberforce, an original abolitionist. Learn how you can carry on his legacy.
  • Educate yourself. Use the resources on the site to learn about the horrors of historical and modern day slavery.
  • Create a Clapham Circle. William Wilberforce was part of a group of friends and neighbors called the Clapham Circle. They met regularly to discuss ways to advance the cause of abolition. You can form your own Clapham Circle. Have weekly meetings with friends or neighbors in your community to discuss the issue of modern day slavery. Download tools from this website to facilitate your discussion.

  • Blog. Write about modern day slavery and The Amazing Change in our online community or on your MySpace, Xanga or Facebook profile. Include a link to our website so friends can learn how to get involved.

  • Ask others. Talk to leaders in your community, school or church about The Amazing Change. and encourage them to become involved.

  • Read More. Read books about modern day slavery like Not for Sale by David Batstone.
  • Volunteer. Pass on the legacy of William Wilberforce and donate your time to The Amazing Change by joining the street team, creating a Clapham Circle, or fundraising to free slaves.


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