Friday, April 11, 2008

April 7th - 11th

After finishing our Sonlight 5 reading the other week, our days have been lighter and full of free reading. I had been planning on doing a Green Hour Challenge with our KEEPERS group today, but we had snow on the ground and a storm instead. Yes, I said SNOW! Oh well. There's always next week!

Here was this week's line-up:

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

This is a fantasy novel that Miss M has loved and devoured. If your kids enjoy
Lord of the Rings or other fantasy, this will be a sure pleaser. It is the first novel of a trilogy.

Meters and centimeters, Rounding to the nearest fourth-inch, Meters and decimals, Drawing congruent angles

Acts Chapters 13-15 with
Studying God's Word
Continue memorizing Romans 12

Elementary Spanish 5/6:
Unit 3: (parts of head, sports-related words)

Language Arts:
How to read a poem, Diagramming interrogative sentences
Copywork from Secrets of the Woods

Physical Science:

Chemistry Fundamentals: Bonding & Types of Compounds

Crocheting, Paper Quilling, Card-making

Family Read-Aloud:
The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that book. My son loves LOTR! I will definitely have to check it out. What do you think about Truthquest history? Are the books easy to find? I'm looking at adding something to our history in the upcoming year. Have a blessed day!

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

I absolutely LOVE TQ. We have used it for year. You know, if you like going to the library and love literature, you'll probably like TQ. The program is not book-specific, so we just use whatever book the library has and it works well!

Since we use the library, TQ is a very reasonable way to do history/literature/Christian world view. She also has artists and composers with book suggestions, so fine arts is in there as well.

I'd invite you to join the TQ Yahoo group for more info. The link is on the TQ site.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tina said...

Inkheart & Secret of the Woods... Those are ones I will check out at my library. :o) Thanks for the recommendation. :o)

How is your Keepers club going? I would love to hear updates on those when you have time. :o) I am always inspired to do this more when I read about your club.

Tina said...

I reserved Inkheart, but our library doesn't have the other book. :o(

Thanks again for the recommendations. I love seeing what books you guys are using!