Thursday, April 17, 2008

Frugal Living

One great way to save lots of money is to buy gently used clothing rather than new. It is amazing what clothing costs new at The Mall, and this is a fairly painless way to streeeeetch your monthly budget. We shop at Thrift stores for "finds," and it
is a blast. We usually go on Tuesdays, where all items are an extra 25% off. This week, Miss M scored a "brand x" top and jeans, plus one other cute no-brand shirt and one tank top. Total price: $11.22.

Woo hoo! There is still some money left in the budget for me to get those science kits I have been looking drooling over from Home Science Tools! And maybe a cute pair of spring sandals....

Here's what my $11.22 bought. (A gray go-under-everything tank top not pictured.)


Anonymous said...

Now why can't I ever find great stuff like that when I go?

Stacy said...

Yah!! Don't you love it when you find great stuff for cheap prices? I do too!! How ironic that we both posted about frugal clothing at about the same time! LOL!
Stacy :-)