Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekly Report - February 18-22, 2008

Here is a review of our homeschool week, complete gross and cool eye dissection pictures. : )

Miss M is reading the novel Star of Light, and she did a heap of additional unit reading this week. Our unit focus was Northern Africa and we tied in a study of deserts, since the Sahara is such an important element of North Africa.
Began coloring thematic maps, following instructions in Trail Guide to World Geography. In addition, it was fun to read about many exotic animals of Africa.

I taught a co-op science class, 'How the Eye Works,' and we learned the main parts and functions of the eye. After a couple of activities, the kids got to see a cow's eye which I dissected for them. (As Providence would have it, this ties in with our study in a wierd way -- a main character in
Star of Light is blind!)

It was a busy, fun week here. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh yeah, Math, Spanish and English are going fine, too. We did DO them, just nothing exciting to report. :)


Rhonda said...

Tami: You had another great week! I am sure all those wonderful books from the library have come in very handy. I don't think I could dissect the eye,lol, what a great teacher-mom you are to to that.
About the LLATL: You're right that the books can seem quite "easy". They are a gentle grammar approach based on Ruth Beechick style language arts instruction. I love that it includes copywork and dictation. I think some of the enrichment exercises could be skipped over but Miranda usually does them because she likes them. There would be no problem working one year ahead and I honestly should have done that this past year. Miranda has done A Beka Language Arts in the past which gave her a very firm foundation in grammar. However, based on her learning style I switched to LLATL and she loves it! I would think about looking ahead at the Green book for your upcoming year. It would probably be a better fit.
Sorry this got lengthy. If you have any further question about LLATL, let me know.
~Have a blessed day.

Lorna said...

Ds and I really enjoyed your slide show although he wasn't sure he would like to dissect a cow's eye.
Great report, thanks!

LisaWA said...

The slide show was great! Good job on your science class! Well done!

Did you ever get my note about your E for Excellence award??


Stacy said...

Now that's hands-on science! Wow! Loved the slide show...Looks like Miss M had a productive week and she read lots of great books! The earrings were neat!
Stacy :-)

Tina said...

Neat notebooking pages! :o)

Double yuck on the eye pictures. This is one science experiment my kids will have to do with someone else. :o) LOL

What a wonderful week you had.



Katherine said...

I enjoyed your report, especially the slide show. The eye was gross but really fun to see.;')