Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Scrappy

I am trying to get around to finishing up those Holiday pages. I am geting there. Sometimes I actually prefer pics and and pages from Everyday Life to Holiday pages. The Holiday pages are just so done...LOL! It's the same reason I prefer candid pics to the set up ones with cheesy smiles.

Here is a Thanksgiving page featuring my beautiful Mom, my lovely niece and handsome nephew. (The gal who needs her bangs cut is me! LOL!) I have found I prefer making simple pages that get done to really fancy ones that take too long and start looking cluttered. There was more embellishment on this page originally, but I took it off in favor of a cleaner look. Before I printed this page, I shrunk and moved the leaf all the way over to the left, so it was at the corner of the photo. Not sure why I didn't save it that way, but....

What are you scrapping right now?

Created with Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer software. Papers and embellishments by Raspberry Road Designs.


Stacy said...

I like Simple pages too. Your page turned out great! And what a nice looking family you have. I'm hoping to get some scrappin' done this weekend. (Paper not digital...I haven't made the switch just yet.)
Stacy :-)

Tina said...

Tammy, that looks great.

Alas... I am a scrapper wanna be... I have ALL the supplies to get it done, but I never take the time to do it. I am sure if we lived closer, you would be a GREAT encourager for me. :o)

Happy Scrapping!