Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Rich in Books

Visiting the library just makes me feel, well, RICH! Good books energize my resolve to teach, and clarify the direction our unit of study will take. Basically, I just use what is available to us at the library. After our library visit, I cannot wait to dig into our treasure of Africa-related books and CD's!

An Amazon order of a few books just doesn't have the same effect on me as a huge pile of 35 books on all different topics from the library. And yes, I pay some fines, but it's so tiny compared to what buying all my books new would cost. I feel like "a rich man" with my small fortune of books!

Does anyone else LOVE visiting the library? Does it energize your teaching?


Tina said...

I LOVE our library too! I love walking out with bag fulls of books. :o) My kids love looking at the books they have choosen for the next 2 weeks. Going to the library is a wonderful outing. :o)


Rhonda said...

It looks like you had a VERY productive library trip! Those all look so great. I just wish I could check out that many at my library. It is frustrating that I can only check out 6 books at a time. Each of my kids can check out 4 a piece and that is it!
Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a gorgeous blog. It is a delight to visit. :)
~Have a blessed day.

Stacy said...

Me! Me! (raising and wildly waving my hand.) I love the library too and I feel just like you do about feeling rich with all of those books that I tote home. And boy, it sure looks like you picked some real treasures this week! Enjoy them and I hope and pray that Miss M is feeling better by now. Have a great week.
Stacy :-)