Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fine Arts "Center" Idea

Fine Arts are an important part of any liberal arts education. And yet, they are always the FIRST thing to go in a busy week, aren't they! My dd loves to be able to work semi-independently, so I decided I wanted a Fine Arts Center this year. Great idea! But, alas and alack, we have no room for a dedicated space for a center.

To solve my problem, I created a Fine Arts "Center" in a Folder. It contains:
  1. Schedule (See Start Exploring Masterpieces post below if you want to see it)
  2. Custom CD of Classical, Folk, and Sacred music for the term
  3. 'Start Exploring Masterpieces' Posters and Cards for the term
  4. 'Start Exploring Masterpieces' Guide Book and Timeline Game
  5. Edupress Activity Book Covers and Table of Contents copies with project choices highlighted

With our "Center," dd will be able to access her Fine Arts materials independently on days they are scheduled and also use them when she wishes. It takes almost no extra room and everything needed for the term is in one convenient space.

The Fine Arts folder gets tucked neatly away with her other daily school materials in a dish pan.


Lee said...

Spectacular idea! Especially for a fairly independent child that enjoys art. And as I have one of these, you've got me thinking... Beautiful folder too! :)
(5wolfcubs on the WTM board)

rocarr said...

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