Friday, January 25, 2008

KEEPERS Meeting - Weaving Skill/Badge

We had our second KEEPERS meeting this morning. Here is a run down:

Opening: Prayer & Devotions
  • We presented the girls with their earned "Scrapbooking" badges from last meeting.
  • After a short prayer, we sang "Take My Life and Let It Be" together.
  • Discussed how our hymn relates to our current character trait, "Meekness."
  • Read the second chapter in Beautiful Girlhood.
  • Girls recited memory work from Romans chapter 12.
  • Discussed the lesson from our Meekness book, and looked up and talked about the meaning of the Scriptures listed. The girls copied Galations 5:22-23 into their notebooks.
  • We made "Meekness" notecards with personal notes and put them in our Bibles to remind us to pray for God to help us learn and apply this character trait every day.
Skill/Badge Time
  • Moved to the dining room table where Mrs L. has weaving materials ready for the girls. She demonstrated the skill and taught the girls some of the weaving vocabulary outlined in the Keepers Handbook.
  • Girls completed a woven coaster and began a woven placemat. Each girl will complete their placemat at home, and bring it to show everyone at our next meeting.
Lunch & Friendship Time
  • Enjoyed a delicious and healthy lunch that Miss A prepared for us. Afterwards, Miss A cleaned up and we all visited a while before ending our second meeting. Another great time of fellowship and fun!

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Tina said...

Wow! What a wonderful time you all had! I can't wait until our plans are all figured out on what we will do.

Thanks for sharing all the details.


PS: I tagged you for a book meme. Check out my blog for more information. :o)