Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 13 Week in Review

The big hit of the week wasn't a curriculum or a class. It was the BREAKFAST menu! Miss M loved the new menu. It was Miss M's Favorite Thing this week. I liked that she stayed fuller longer -- probably since she had a protein each morning. We will definitely continue the breakfast menu!

In Math, Miss M is working on adding fractions, finding common factors, simplifying fractions. This week was a smooth math week, complete with a couple error-free lessons! Woo hoo!

In our Eastern Hemisphere studies we continued reading Young Fu of the Upper Yangte and Enchantment of the World:
China. For movie time, we watched "The Inn of Sixth Happiness," a film about the missionary Gladys Aylward's ministry in China. We didn't do any craft projects this week, but Miss M did do lots of drawing in her free time. As a writing/history project, Miss M made a flip up accordion book of the 12 Chinese Dynasties. Each page pops up to reveal important events and inventions of the Dynasty - and she did the project entirely on her own. They Dynasty Timeline was definitely my Favorite Thing this week. It was hard to get the whole project in a picture -- there are 12 sections.

This week's science topic was Simple Machines - Inclined Plane, Screw, and Wedge. In our science co-op class, we did several experiments with simple machines at experiment stations, watched a Power Point presentation, and had a whole class discussion. It was a fun co-op class!

In other subjects, Miss M started The Wheel on the School for literature. She continues to read a poem-a-day from Favorite Poems Old and New, and improves her typing daily with our Disney Typing software. We finished up our term's composer, Schubert, this week, along with the folk songs and hymns of the term. I have to get busy and make a new music cd for Term 2. Making a custom cd is the only way that music consistently gets done - so it's worth it to make one.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into our homeschool.


Tina said...

Wonderful Timeline!

Glad to hear your breakfest menu was a hit.


zelda said...

Great project!

LisaWA said...

Yeah! Glad the menu was a hit!

I love the timeline Ms M made! I always love reading Ms weekly reports! She does wonderful work! Please let her know.

Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Amy said...

Wow! I love your timeline book! I'm tucking that away for future reference.