Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Week 12 - A Time of Reflection

November 10th, 2007.
Here are some highlights from the end of the 1st term at Ambleside Classical!

Eyewitness Books: Ancient China, finished God's Adventurer: Hudson Taylor began and finished Flight of the Fugitives (Trailblazer Books)

Videos: "China: From Past to Present: The Silk Road, the Great Wall, Changes in Government" (United Streaming), Kung Fu: Season 2: Disc 1 (Netflix), First Emperor of China: IMAX (Netflix)

Writing: Mini-report on Chinese paper making. Here is what the original mini-report looks like:

Here is the same report with a few minutes with Creating Keepsakes software and the "Always Asia" digital kit from Raspberry Road:

Science: attended "Animal Communications" class at Nature Center and presented November homework assignment. Learned about Chinese inventions.

Nature Class Slide Show

Productive Free time: Crafted a pony puppet, Christmas play practice, Operation Christmas Child shopping and packing, book basket reading, Time4Learning.com, typing practice, imitative drawings from our Asian Art book

All in all, a pretty typical week here at Ambleside Classical. I can't believe we are 1/3 of the way through our school year! Our family is assessing our goals for character and academics. What goals have we met and what goals need lots more work? We are mapping out new goals and action plans for the next 6-12 weeks. Each end-of-term is my time to reflect on where we are and where we want to be. I have much to be thankful for and also many things to work on.

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Rhonda said...

Kung Fu! Oh, my word. I haven't thought of that show in ages. "Grasshopper..." LOL

Our history notebooks are working very well for us this year, but I may try branching out into more of a scrapbook-type layout next year. We'll see...

Thanks for the link to Raspberry Road. I was not familiar with that site.


LisaWA said...

LOl... I agree.. would not have thought about Kung Fu!

Loved Gods adventurer when R was in 4th grade. We read it together while using Galloping the Globe that year. Amazing man!

We are in the same boat here to. Evaluating goals and getting ready for the next 10 weeks.

I always love seeing and visiting your blog. You had another wonderful week! Great job Ambleside Classical!


Kerri said...

A great week! What ages do you think are best for the Traiblazer books both to read on their own and for me to read outloud?

We just finished up our first 10 weeks and I am evaluating now too :)

Have a wonderful week!


Way Out in the Desert

Tammy said...

Miss M's report is fantastic! And I love her scrapbook page! Looks like a great week. Now I'm on my way to check out Raspberry Road...