Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catching Up

My online friend Rhonda over at Imagine reminded me through her blog today that I (GASP!) have not taken much time over the summer to scrapbook. Looking at my summer photos, I like this one of my dd on the lake. I used free items from Digital Scrapbook Search Engine and Scrapbook Designer to create this page in about 5 minutes!

I'd love to carve out a half an hour per day to scrapbook. Hmmm. I am going to have to think about this. Keeping up is really the key. Step by step, little by little, rather than waiting until I have a memory card of 200 photos (and no, this is not a theoretical number!) waiting to be scrapped.

How about you? Are you finding a little time each day for something fun? When was the last time you pulled out your crochet basket or your scrapbook supplies? It is a GOOD thing to schedule a little time for hobbies each day, even if it is only a half hour. I can't believe it, but I completed my page and this post in about 15 minutes total. I may not have hours and hours of free time per day, but I think thirty minutes per day is something I'm going to try.


Stacy said...

That's a great picture of Miss M. Gotta say, I'm sooooo behind with my scrapbooking that I wonder if I'm a scrapbooker anymore :-( I think, perhaps, homeschooling takes up my scrapbooking time and energy...But I long to get back to it.

Rhonda said...

That's a beautiful picture and layout. I haven't done as much digital scrapbooking lately, but we are loving using it for notebooking.

I did an 8x8 album for my MIL for Christmas and she's been wanting more layouts for it. I guess I need to get busy. :)