Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sonlight 5 Art Schedule

I am so excited that we will be doing Sonlight Core 5 : Eastern Hemisphere this fall!!! Ever since I first saw it in that glossy catalogue four or five years ago, I knew we wanted to use this core someday. This will be our 6th year HSing, first year of Sonlight. Since we need some hands-on to supplement our reading, I will try to post any hands-on supplemental schedules as they are made.

This is my SL 5 art schedule using Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter. Most of the projects I chose are of the higher difficulty level for my rising 5th grade, but there are many simpler projects inluded in the book. I think some of them could even be done by preschoolers with a little help from Mom.

Here is the Global Arts schedule:

Weeks 1-2 (Pacific Islands)
Stuffy Cod Hanging (Fiji) p 144
Soft Coral Watercolor (Fiji) p 145
Siapo Cloth (Samoa) p 147

Weeks 3-5 (Australia & New Zealand)
Yumbulul Story T-shirt (Aboriginal) p 139
Mimi Rug (Aboriginal) p 140
Dreamtime Painting (Aboriginal) p 141

Week 6 (Antarctica)
Snowy, Blowy Stencil p 41

Weeks 10-15 (China)
Eraser Signature p 49

Weeks 17-19 (Russia)
Jeweled Eggs p 101
Week 21 (Southeast Asia)
Tet Trung Thu Lantern (Vietnam) p 72

Weeks 22-27 (India)
Clay Stone Inlay
p 57

Weeks 28-30 (Middle East)
No-Ruz Centerpiece (Iraq) p 58
Stone Mosaic (Israel) p 61

Weeks 31-36 (Africa)
Tie-Dye Top (West Africa) p 34
Clay jewelry (Egypt) p 18
Ivory Carving(Congo) p 23
Bambulina Hanging(South Africa) p 28


Flo said...

Hi, Tami!
I just saw your comment at SL-CM and jumped from there, always glad to see a familiar name.
Have fun with SL5 this year.
Miss you, guys:) -flo

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I googled some hands on activities for Core 5 and was delighted to find this. i am bookmarking your blog for sure. God bless, Christa