Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Year 7 Organizer

I have been in search of the perfect assignment/record keeper for fall. I wanted something to fill in AFTER the work is done, and I wanted a WEEKLY, not daily format. Oh. and it needs to be pretty. Yes, pretty matters.

Since dd is not using a daily, paper checklist this year, I wanted to be able to keep a record of what was actually done each week, and I also wanted a place to keep my notes and assessments of skills that I need to follow up on. This Organizer is for assessment purposes, recording what was actually DONE (after the fact), and making notes for myself. I ended up making my own using a combo of some Tanglewood Corebook pages, and my own weekly planner pages using my Creative Keepsakes Designer, Simply Charlotte Mason Narration and Handicraft ideas, Donna Young Academic Calendar, and the free Shabby Princess paper kit "Spontaneous Delight".

Organizer COVER

LEFT side of Organizer

RIGHT side of Organier

I laminated the cover, and am taking it to Office Max to be spiral bound (hopefully!)today. I spent a crazy amount of time on this, but I love it! *Update - I added pictures below of what it looks like spiral bound. With front/back cover and binding, it only cost $3.99!

My Assignment Organizer pages:

1) School Calendar (Donna Young)

2) Goals for the Year (Tanglewood Corebook)

3) Course Outline (custom)

4) Thirty-six 2-page academic organizer pages with space for subject-by-subject notes, skills observed and general notes (custom)

5) Six 6-week goal assessment pages (Tanglewood Corebook)

6) Narration Ideas (Simply Charlotte Mason)

7) Handicraft/Practical Life Ideas (Simply Charlotte Mason)

Ta Da!


Stacy said...

I have been ravaging through all available sources for a useful and pretty planner. Yours is by far the the best I have seen. Congrats! Well worth the effort!!!

Rhonda said...

I absolutely LOVE this! It makes me want to copy all my HST stuff for the week just so I can have a pretty notebook, too. :) Very, very nice, Tami.

Kristi said...

Love this, thank you for sharing!!!

Stephanie said...

This is gorgeous! I would love to have a planner like this. Now I'm rethinking my planner and glancing at my files... Did you print it at home? I can't wait to dig through your blog. I found you through a google search for ACB lit of all things. By the look of it, we have a lot in common! Core 5 last year, ACB this year...

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Hi Stephanie!

Are you on the ACAB Yahoo group? I have found some great Unit Checklists at the files there. Yes, I printed it here at home with my thrifty generic ink, hehe

Kimberly said...

I love it--it's beautiful! I can't wait to see it in action.

Marni said...

Great work!

Jewels said...


Shawntele said...

Awesome planner, you have inspired me to stop thinking about it and actually create one of my own~thank you!

Mother Goose said...

Tami, Great idea! I would like to create myself a little homeschool reference manual, if you will, by printing all the .pdf files that I have downloaded and find useful thus far. I'm new to homeschooling and use Charlotte Mason. Pray tell me what you use to bind your planner together?

Mother Goose said...

Nevermind! Somehow, through my scrolling, I missed the paragraph where you said you took it to Office Max. God bless!

Tina in WA said...

Tami~ This look wonderful! You are so creative! And the binding only cost $3.99... AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! ~Tina

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