Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Final Week

This week we are finishing up our first term. Along with that, we finished this term's history spine, Joy Hakim's Reconstructing America. Our final topic has been African American issues and leaders, and I had dd choose one topic or leader to do a scrapbook page on. She chose "Booker T Washington," and I thought I'd share the page. It has a quote, a couple facts, and a mini-bio. As Providence would have it, this topic fit perfectly with discussing how big of a deal it is that we have elected our first AA president!

Next week, we begin a new term studying the Progressive era with Joy Hakim's book of the same title. I am switching and ditching a few things, and I'll post on that later. : )


Rhonda said...

What a lovely notebook page. Your daughter has a good eye for design. We haven't done much notebooking lately. We need to get back to it.


Stacy said...

Miss M did a fantastic job on her Booker T Washington page. Wow!! I'm looking forwarding to finding out what you're switching and ditching. My ds thought the Hakim books had too much info and history became a drag with them, so I've had to revise history too. I'm hoping the new plan will be a good fit.
Stacy :-)